Dusek Network, Inc. is a dynamic recruiting, outplacement, and placement agency specializing in the automotive and information technology fields. Working with Automotive OEM’s and suppliers, and Information Technology Companies across the country, we offer a full range of professional placement services for today's demanding world. 

Founded by Brenda Dusek, Dusek Network’s mission is to optimally match the needs of employers with the education, experience, and skillsets of professionals -- placing qualified individuals in positions that truly fit their personal abilities and goals.

We strive to create quality win-win employment situations and build long-term placement relationships.


For professionals interested in exploring new employment options, we provide access to opportunities nationwide through more than 250 associate offices across the country.

We operate very differently from the way traditional recruiters do. First of all, we analyze what you want, whether it’s more money, better benefits, more time off or a preferred location. We then scan our national database of openings and conduct thorough online research to pinpoint opportunities that meet your criteria.

When a job matches your requirements, we simply present it to you, determine your interest, and provide more details if you choose to pursue it. Of course, it’s your call. You will decide whether you want to further consider, pursue, or accept any offers. Best of all, you don’t owe us a dime. The hiring company pays our fee, but only if they hire you.

Our focus is to help you secure the position that will give you the utmost satisfaction.

Hiring Authorities

Dusek Network uses advanced Internet research to efficiently identify qualified passive job candidates. These professionals are currently employed and not actively pursuing a job change, which usually places them beyond the reach of traditional recruiters using only yesterday’s techniques. 

Our search begins within a 50 mile radius of the employment location, expanding to 150 miles and then nationally, if necessary. Every measure is taken to reduce relocation expense by first focusing on “local” qualified individuals.

With more than 250 Associate offices nationally, interconnected via state-of-the-art recruiting management software, Dusek Network can provide any hiring company with national reach and personal care when filling its positions.